Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 2016 JennyLuanArt News Letter

Traditional Art created in month of August:

100% colored pencil on  5"x7" Stonehenge paper. This is for Colored Pencil Magazine May art challenge, If you click the images, it will bring you my Facebook page and see the work in progress album. 

CPM art challenge July 2016

  New coloring pages:

I'm glad to announce that my new book is out on Amazon for early bird price.

Anime doodle Girls volume 2 on Amazon

I'm also offer PDF digital book in my Esty shop.
Anime Doodle Girls volume 2 digital PDF book
If you wish to see inside of the book, please check out my YouTube:   

coloring pages I have colored:

this month I didn't create as much my own besides trying to finish creating my Anime doodle girls volume 2. However, I did more on coloring to relax myself from stress of learning new computer editing tools.

 The Adult Coloring Buffet by Deborah L McDonald
I love this book with many wonderful abstract design in there.
The Adult Coloring Buffet by Deborah L McDonald

Adult coloring Book Treasury 2 (70 artist 130 illustrations)
Art work is by Terra Bidlespacher [White Stag]
Terra Bidlespacher [White Stag]

This was in her website bundles, however now her book is out.
Feel Good Words TO-GO (50 designs)
by Sue Chastain

Feel Good Words To-Go

I love this Bible with full of  beautiful illustrations. I bring to Church on Sundays. Only thing is I wish they have NIV, KJV is hard to ready unless you are expert in English. I kept my NIV study Bible when Bible studying.
My Creative Bible KJV

Adult coloring Book Treasury 2 (70 artist 130 illustrations)
Art work is by Menucha CC. Click the image will bring you to her website.

Coloring GiftsTM: Gifts of Thanks: A Gratitude-Themed Adult Coloring Book (Volume 1)

I got this as free sample from Art-n-Fly coloring contest. 

Adult Coloring Treasury 1 (60 artist 120 illustrations) 

Kelly Dombrowski

This was in her website bundles, however now her book is out. 

I made this page into greeting gard.
feel good words to go

August Free Page:

please click the image to download clean lines and watermark free file.
hippie girl from Anime doodle girls coloring book by Jenny Luan

September Color Inspiration: 

I took this photo few years ago when I was visiting Huntington Library in Pasadena. They have the most Beautiful cactus garden there.


1st announcement: 

My artist friends 
have created a family friendly coloring group, not to take you away from the group you already have, but be inspire.. group cover are pick from weekly challenges. Please feel free to join if you wish.

Code of conduct for this group:
- Discuss and share coloring. (Digital coloring is okay, but note it when you share.)
- Name the book or artist when you share coloring.
- Discuss and share crafts and other creative projects.
- Inspire, encourage, and uplift each other.
- Discuss and share what inspires you.
- Keep it clean and wholesome. (Family friendly/PG13)
- Please no asking for supplies, books, cards, or similar for yourself or others. We do not have the resources to verify these and there are other groups for that. If you have a need you can post in the prayer chain thread without giving personal information.
-Please no "hit and run" advertising. Artists who are active participants in the group may advertise in moderation (once a week) and create an album for their books, freebies, products, etc.
- no affiliate links, chain letters, unapproved giveaways.
- if you want to share other groups in here, please return the favor by mentioning this group in yours.

Thank You for Visiting

Please don't forgot to leave reviews on Amazon if you have my books and like it. 

disclaimer:  All Amazon link are affiliated, this help me to order art supplies for future product reviews.

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