How I Make Coloring Page

Today I like to share how my coloring page are made. 
  1. I sketch my idea out on paper.       
2.  Re-drawing on my Ipad.
 3. Once I complete my drawing design, I sent to my computer for editing.
4. After I did some cleaning on my Photoshop Element, I bitmap my line art into vector file and save as PDF so my line is nice and smooth. 
5. I made cover sheet to post on my Esty shop until I have enough pages to make a book.
6. Some of the design I like to test color them :) 
 Thank you for visiting my blog about how I create my coloring page.

check out all the books I have:

Anime Doodle Girls:

Description: Fans of anime and manga will enjoy this coloring book filled with 29 hand-drawn, original portraits of anime inspired girls that have fantasy, fairy tale, and Zodiac inspired themes. Items from nature such as pretty flowers, or sea shells and other aquatic motifs, and kawaii cats are also part of the drawings that you will find within. Intricate, tangle doodle designs are incorporated into the drawings in places such as the young ladies hair and clothing, providing lots of coloring enjoyment for hours.
This anime coloring book is especially appealing to teens and pre-teens, but is suitable for all ages.

Mandala Doodle flower:

Book Description: Within this flower mandala coloring book you will find 36 pretty, abstract doodle style Mandala flowers. These original hand-drawn floral designs features stylistic roses, flowers reminiscent of pansies and daisies, lotus, daffodils, tulips, sunflowers, marigolds, jasmine, lilies and many other flowers that came from the artist's imagination. You will find other motifs from nature as well, such as insects like bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies and some animals such as mice and rabbits. The colorable areas are approximately 7.5"x7.5". Enjoy bringing these beautiful flower mandalas to life with your choice of colors

Whimsical Doodle Owl in the Egg :

Book Description: Within this book you will find 30 hand drawn whimsical doodle owls. These cute owls are reminiscent of childhood toys or Russian nesting dolls. Several designs and themes including chief, pirate, witch, doctor, hippie, leprechaun. Bringing these decorative owls to life with color will bring you hours of coloring pleasure. This adult coloring book is suitable for all ages.

Thank you!

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