Sunday, July 31, 2016

August 2016 JennyLuanArt New Letter

Traditional Art created in month of July:

100% colored pencil on  5"x7" Stonehenge paper. This is for Colored Pencil Magazine May art challenge, If you click the images, it will bring you my Facebook page and see the work in progress album. 

WIP on Gardening drawing

This Little Elephant is created for Nibblefest art Contest auction on Ebay.
this month theme was "Magical night". Thank you for those who try to offer him home. 
If you are cat lover, next month theme is "Feline Nation"
To click the image, you will see WIP of this elephant on my fine art Facebook page.
 WIP of white elephant's magical night

This little anime doodle girl is created for my 
ACEO ~ Art Card Editions and Original on Ebay
Monthly Theme Week challenge. "Heat / Dog Days / Dog Days of Summer".
 She is also double uses for "Anime Doodle Girls" volume 2 coloring book. 
If you click the image, you can see WIP photos on my fine art Facebook page.

WIP photo anime girl and her pug
 New coloring pages:

I made 8 pages this month, 4 more all still work in progress. I did not post these on esty shop yet as I only have 6 more pages left before book can be out. I mix them all in one happy image for showing. On my Facebook page, you can only see all the WIP undone images.

coloring pages I have colored:

Coloring Gift. this book has wonderful illustrations of thank you and positive words. 24 full size and some are card size including bookmarks. Images will take you to Amazon if you wish to get it.

MiniMentals On-The-Go Coloring Book:
I order this book when it's out, this travel size book is perfect for my busy day and still have time to finish coloring on page on same day.
MiniMENTALs On-the-Go Coloring Book:

  My Creative Bible KJV:
I love this Bible with full of  beautiful illustrations. I bring to Church on Sundays. Only thing is I wish they have NIV, KJV is hard to ready unless you are expert in English. I kept my NIV study Bible when Bible studying.
My Creative Bible KJV:

Adult coloring Book Treasury 2 (70 artist 130 illustrations)
Art work is by Sue Chastain. Click the image will bring you to her author central to see all her books.
by Sue Chastain

My Creative Bible KJV:
My Creative Bible KJV:

Adult coloring Book Treasury 2 (70 artist 130 illustrations)
art work by Ellen Million. click image will bring you to this book,
Ellen Million

Adult coloring Book Treasury 2 (70 artist 130 illustrations)
Art work by Sarah Renae Clark. Click image will bring you to this book.
Sarah Renae Clark 

Anime doodle girl v1

August Free Page:

please click the image to download clean lines and watermark free file.
happy national coloring day 2016

August Color Inspiration: 

Besides eating Watermelon, I also love eating pineapple. They are very sweet and juice especially  love to mix with other tropical fruits in blender.


1st announcement: 

My artist friends 
have created a family friendly coloring group, not to take you away from the group you already have, but be inspire.. group cover are pick from weekly challenges. Please feel free to join if you wish.

Code of conduct for this group:
- Discuss and share coloring. (Digital coloring is okay, but note it when you share.)
- Name the book or artist when you share coloring.
- Discuss and share crafts and other creative projects.
- Inspire, encourage, and uplift each other.
- Discuss and share what inspires you.
- Keep it clean and wholesome. (Family friendly/PG13)
- Please no asking for supplies, books, cards, or similar for yourself or others. We do not have the resources to verify these and there are other groups for that. If you have a need you can post in the prayer chain thread without giving personal information.
-Please no "hit and run" advertising. Artists who are active participants in the group may advertise in moderation (once a week) and create an album for their books, freebies, products, etc.
- no affiliate links, chain letters, unapproved giveaways.
- if you want to share other groups in here, please return the favor by mentioning this group in yours.

2nd Announcement: 

For those you know me from Adult Coloring Book Treasury 1, The Volume 2 is out with improvement and added more artist. Clicking the book will bring you to Amazon. this book 130 illustrations with 70 different artist. You can see video reviews by the buyers.

 If you wish to share your coloring with the artist in this book, you are welcome to join
Adult coloring book Treasury group on Facebook

3rd Announcement:

Please Look out for Anime Doodle Girls Volume 3. should be out either in middle of Aug. I may sent out a new letter in the middle of the month. 

Thank You for Visiting

Please don't forgot to leave reviews on Amazon if you have my books and like it. 

disclaimer:  All Amazon link are affiliated, this help me to order art supplies for future product reviews. 

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