DIY 3D paper ornaments

DIY 3D Paper Ornament

"Art work it hand draw by Jenny Luan using  the iOS app iOrnament ("

 Materials you will need: 
Template by: me, other artist or iPad app. 
coloring materials of your choice.
dotting tool (for card stock paper only) 
pretty threads or ribbons. 


color the template to match your decoration. 

If you use card stock like me, it would be better to prep the paper with a small dotting tool 
or something sharp enough to make dents, but won't cut or damage the paper surfs using a ruler.

I like to cut and fold at the same time. Some people find it easier to fold first. 
Some people like to cut first. 

Apply glue on the wings that stick out the design. Start
from one end of the template to other. Please don't forgot 
to put a thread with a knot before closing. 

Please make sure it's dry before hanging.

Thank you and please visit my JennyLuanArt Esty Shop for more of my templates.


Special Thanks to iornament app.

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