Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chibi doodle whimsy characters coloring book volume 2 by JennyLuanArt

Art created in month of July:

This month was busy month. I was not able to create any original art work. 
However, I'm very blessed that my Chibi Doodle Whimsy Character volume 2 will be out.
Estimated date is Aug 6 and I'm super excited. I have also learn little bit more video editing
and planning to start sharing some speed drawing or coloring. 

Special News

I like to invite you to celebrate with me on my book launching event.
Please click image, it will bring you to my event.
Chibi Doodle Whimsy Character Volume 2 book Launching event

During this event I'll have have coloring contest, Esty discount, games 
for chance to win a PDF book or coloring pages. This is online 3 days event. 
You don't need to be there all day, come visit when you can and please help invite 
all your friends who enjoy coloring whimsical books. If you wish to see what is 
inside of this book, please check out my YouTube: 

during this event, I'll be posting my Esty discounts. You have advantage see
this first because you got my newsletter. 😊

Click image will take you to my Esty shop.
JennyLuanArt Esty shop

New coloring pages available in Esty shop:

chibi doodle whimsy characters coloring book volume 2 PDF digital edition

coloring pages I have colored in month of July:

If you wish to buy the book, please click the image. It will bring you
to Amazon book link.

My Creative Bible KJV
my Creative Bible KJV
The do comes with different cover that have better price.

Min-Mentals on the go coloring by Sue Chastain
Min--Mentals on the go Coloring by Sue Chastain

My Creative Bible KJV
my creative Bible KJV

EQUINOX, A Colouring Book: International Edition 

by Stephen Barnwell 

August Free Page:

Some of you may already have this if you are going to my book launching event. I create this because August 2nd is the national coloring day..  please click image will bring you to my Dropbox, you don't need to have Dropbox to get this file. When you print please click printer print current page so you don't end up printing my message.

Chibi I love coloring

This page is also use for coloring contest for chance to win a coloring book 
during my book launching even on Aug 4 to Aug 6. Also for Facebook group 
Color, Create, Inspire as group cover. (freebie link expires after one week)

Please do not share uncolored page. If you like to tell your friends about my monthly freebie, please share from my Facebook page or from my blog. All Coloring page/book and art works are US copyrighted. Thank you for understand. 

August Coloring Inspiration: 

This lovely passion fruit flower is from public domain Pixabay.
(If you like to share you photo for color inspiration, please let me know. full credit will be provided)

Coloring Tutorial

Don't forget here some coloring tutorial from some of amazing artist and colorist.  
To visit my coloring tutorials blog page by click the image. I will try to add 
more as time goes by. 

coloring tutorials for chibi anime

This is first completed speed coloring I did. I'm still learning how to do video editing.
I hope you enjoy watching it.

Coloring T-shirts:

Amazon Merch T-shirt limits amount of posting for new designers. They also auto deletes designs that don't sell within 90 days. If you wish to buy my line art on T-shirt, please message me and I'll create for you. 

Introducing this month's new T-shirt

I have created this art work at ICU waiting room when my family member recovering from open heart surgery. 
Angels heart T-shirt
Fyi- Amazon T-shirt is 100% cotton for solid white which also means 
runs small especially after it's been washed. (I have just submit 
I love my Grandkids on amazon so I can buy one. posting may not be live until tomorrow)

I have also use same design on Zazzle. The cost is little more,
however you can personalize the text on the top such as instead of I love my grandkids,
you can change it into "l love my mom", "I love my grandma" or "my hubby's heart" ect.

prayer request:
Please pray for my family member who been living in ICU for 3 weeks from open heart surgery.
(She also need financial assisting please let me know if you like to help, I can sent you donation link)
Please pray for my teen daughter going to oral surgery this Friday, she is very scared.
Please pray for my colorist friend who is having eye problem that can lead to unable to color.

Facebook Group: 

My artist friends 
have created a family friendly coloring group.  This is not to take you away from the group you already have, but to serve as inspiration.  Weekly challenges! Fell feel free to join if you wish.

Code of conduct for this group:

- Discuss and share coloring. (Digital coloring is okay, but note it when you share.)

- Name the book or artist when you share coloring.

- Discuss and share crafts and other creative projects.

- Inspire, encourage, and uplift each other.

 - Discuss and share what inspires you.

- Keep it clean and wholesome. (Family friendly/PG13)

- Please no asking for supplies, books, cards, or similar for yourself or others. We do not have the resources to verify these and there are other groups for that. If you have a need you can post in the prayer chain thread without giving personal information.
-Please no "hit and run" advertising. Artists who are active participants in the group may advertise in moderation (once a week) and create an album for their books, freebies, products, etc.
- no affiliate links, chain letters, unapproved giveaways.
- if you want to share other groups in here, please return the favor by mentioning this group in yours.

Thank You for Visiting

Please take your time to enter reviews on Amazon or Esty shop if you have my coloring books/ pages and like it.  Reviews will really help me and other shoppers. Also thank you so much for those who have already written a review especially those posted colored images. 

  Disclaimer: My Amazon links and zazzle are affiliated.  This helps me order art supplies for future projects and hoping enough to do giveaways.

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