Thursday, June 1, 2017

Owl best Father coloring page June 2017 JennyLuanArt News Letter

 Art created in month of May:

created a logo for "team spider pig". It was very fun to draw him.

New coloring pages available in Esty shop: 

I have created more, however, it's cost me to post on Esty and it will become a book, therefor I decide to only post few on Esty shop. 

coloring pages I have colored:

 To get the book, please click the image, it will bring you to Amazon book link.

June Free Page:

Being a father is hard work, he has to provide, come up with family activities, make important decisions for the family and spend time with wife. Don't forget to tell your dad how much you appreciate him. (Freebie link last one week only, please download once you received your newsletter)

Owl Best Day coloring page

Please do not share uncolored page, if you like to tell your friends about my monthly freebie, please share from my Facebook Page or from my Blog. All coloring page/book are US copyrighted. Thank you for understanding.

With this design I have offer T-shirt, greeting card, and tote bag that you may purchase from my stores. hope you will enjoy it.

 owl best dad tshirt

   June Color Inspiration: 

  This beautiful unknown name flower I found while I was hiking in Northern California.
( If you have photos for color inspiration, please let me know. Full credit will be provided.)

Facebook Group: 

My artist friends 
have created a family friendly coloring group.  This is not to take you away from the group you already have, but to serve as inspiration.  Weekly challenges! Fell feel free to join if you wish.
Code of conduct for this group:
- Discuss and share coloring. (Digital coloring is okay, but note it when you share.)
- Name the book or artist when you share coloring.
- Discuss and share crafts and other creative projects.
- Inspire, encourage, and uplift each other.
 - Discuss and share what inspires you.
- Keep it clean and wholesome. (Family friendly/PG13)
- Please no asking for supplies, books, cards, or similar for yourself or others. We do not have the resources to verify these and there are other groups for that. If you have a need you can post in the prayer chain thread without giving personal information.
-Please no "hit and run" advertising. Artists who are active participants in the group may advertise in moderation (once a week) and create an album for their books, freebies, products, etc.
- no affiliate links, chain letters, unapproved giveaways.
- if you want to share other groups in here, please return the favor by mentioning this group in yours.

Thank You for Visiting

Please don't forgot to leave reviews on Amazon or Esty shop if you have my coloring books/ pages and like it.  Reviewing will really help me and other shoppers. Also thank you so much for those who have already written a review.

  Disclaimer: My Amazon links and zazzle are affiliated.  This helps me order art supplies for future projects and giveaways.

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